Our Company
Unique. Special. One of a Kind. Different. Exclusive.

Consumers are different around the world. So are the products they buy, the markets they shop in, the way that they prepare meals, the traditions they honor, the holidays they celebrate and how they perceive the shopping experience.

Market Centre understands these differences but also understands that every retail business is unique and different  has its own DNA, so to speak.

Market Centre is a subsidiary company of SUPERVALU (headquartered in Commerce, and sells products, services and programs to INDEPENDENT retailers. Market Centre has the power of a large wholesale behind it — with the flexibility and ingenuity of a highly specialized, boutique distributor.

Market Centre’€™s vision is a world of unique, one-of-a-kind retail food businesses that are successful simply because they offer products, services and solutions that their competition does not.

Market Centre’s mission is to bring that world of difference to each and every customer on a daily basis at a competitive price.