Ask. Learn. Add. Delete. Place. Profit.

The front lines of the grocery business? Your shelves. It’s where success is determined each and every day.

At Market Centre, we believe that you simply cannot pay enough attention to what products you have on your shelves, when you have them there and how easy it is for your customers to find them. Our category management programs ensure that retailers always have the right mix of products on their shelves by regularly analyzing schematics and using carefully-mined consumer insights, market intelligence and purchase data to help drive sales at the shelf level.

Once we’€ve identified the items you need, €”and those you don’t need, it’€s time for our team of merchandising professionals to step forward. Working with our supplier partners, the team refreshes and remerchandises different categories regularly in order to bring new life and vitality to your shelves. The professionals at Market Centre also assist with remodel sets, new item placements and much more.

Put your best products on display and out front with effective category management programs from Market Centre.