We love shoppers.

OK, we admit it €” we have an intimate relationship with your customers.How intimate? We know who they are, where they come from and how often they visit your store. We also know what they want to buy, why they want to buy it and when they are likely to buy it. We know what shoppers would like to buy from you but don’€™t see on your shelves €” and we also have a pretty good idea what they will want to buy from you in the future.

No, we’re not psychic. We do, however, arm ourselves with the latest research and data from the marketplaces, information from such respected providers like Nielsen, Spectra, SPINS and other cutting edge information sources. At Market Centre, we keep you informed about marketplace conditions and changing consumer patterns by passing along insights and intelligence that help you sell more product€” today and tomorrow. We can also utilize scan data from your stores to identify item voids, enhance marketing programs and improve your overall itemization.

And we don’t stop there. We aren’€™t satisfied until those products end up in shoppers’€™ baskets and out the door. That’€™s why we’€™ve created some of the most creative, sales-building, promotions and advertising strategies in the industry. Let Market Centre help you stay on the cutting edge and a step ahead of your competition. Because in a highly competitive marketplace, that edge makes a world of difference.