Seasonal & Merchandising
Timely and expertly placed.


From candy canes to candy corn and chocolate hearts, every holiday has its trademark sweets.

Market Centre offers hundreds of seasonal candy products for each key holiday as well as a dazzling selection of gourmet holiday treats, including cookies, cakes, baking needs and more.

We have the selection to ensure you’ll be well prepared for those important seasonal shopping days.

The checkout lane is the highest impulse purchase location in your store. Market Centre’s front-end program features custom-designed fixtures merchandised with top-ranking confection items from leading suppliers.

Our program has proven to increase sales by at least 15–20% while also providing additional opportunities to generate incremental revenue by integrating beverage coolers or chip racks.

Let our experts help you optimize your seasonal sales — and your front-end profits.


More than 1,200 seasonal items
More than 1,200 seasonal items