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As food-savvy consumers demand wider choices, the demand for kosher-certified products is growing rapidly. But Jewish consumers observing the dietary requirements of Jewish law, or kashrut, are far from the only shoppers buying kosher products.

Kosher is one of the hottest food trends and a growing number of supermarket shoppers are going kosher not for religious reasons, but because they’re convinced the foods are safer and better for their health. This trend has also led to a huge rise in the number of products now available to the kosher consumer.

At Market Centre, you’ll find an extensive offering of kosher products as well as schematics and merchandising solutions for holidays such as Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Chanukah. Did you know Passover accounts for more than 40% of annual kosher sales?

So shop Market Centre for all your store’s kosher needs. You’ll find it all — even the gefilte fish.

More than 600 items
More than 600 items