GM, HBW, Seasonal
Perfectly €œprofitable€ products.

Did you know that 15% of the items in grocery stores are often non-food items?

While food is a big part of our lives, it’s not everything. Today’s busy shoppers expect their local retailer to carry cooking utensils, a wide selection of health beauty and wellness products, spare bulbs, holiday displays, and a supply of thank-you cards to quickly address their random acts of kindness.

At Market Centre, we’ve taken non-food sales and profits to a whole new level by creating a new, bigger, better general merchandise (GM), health beauty and wellness (HBW) and seasonal program. We offer:

• More than 27,000 items across all categories, which means deeper, more extensive product assortments for your shoppers — and that number keeps growing.

• An expanded HBW product offering. We’re the only place in the West to buy both conventional and natural HBW.

• A wide private label assortment that provides your shoppers with a value-priced alternative to national brands — and increases your gross profit. 

• An exciting and innovative seasonal program, including a comprehensive direct-import and domestic product offering that keeps our customers competitive on all key seasonal holidays categories throughout the year.

• Expert retail support including tools and insights to give you a competitive advantage, shelf support to ensure you have with the right schematics merchandising, and promotions and show deals to drive sales.

More than 27,000 items
More than 27,000 items