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Natural Directions 
Quality, organic products at competitive prices. That’s what you and your customers can expect from the rapidly growing Natural Directions brand. With more than 200 products in various grocery, refrigerated and frozen categories, Natural Directions is available exclusively to our customers. All our Natural Directions products are certified by Quality Assurance International, the leading organic certifying agency in the United States, so your customers can be sure they’re getting tasty, healthy foods that are free of additives or artificial ingredients. 

It’s time to take the TopCare “Dare-2-Compare” challenge! With more than 1,000 items spanning categories from medications and remedies, first aid and personal care, to beauty, diet and fitness and home health, TopCare brand products from Topco offer shoppers a wide selection of affordable and high-quality alternatives to the big brands.

You can be confident your shoppers are covered with brands that match ingredient for ingredient and are as effective as the national brands. Topco’s Quality Assurance team conducts ongoing item evaluations and every product is laboratory tested to guarantee its highest quality.

Best of all, TopCare products typically provide retailers profits higher than the national brands. TopCare also builds brand awareness by educating consumers and encouraging trial and impulse purchases with marketing and promotional programs that drives sales with secondary displays and monthly value added consumer offers.

Paws  Happy Life
Paws Happy Life has the same quality ingredients found in the national brands so your shoppers can be sure their pet is getting the essential nutrients they need to be energetic and playful. The price is formulated to make pet owners happy too. We also offer a wide selection of toys and accessories.

Tippy Toes 
Oh baby! Our line of private brand baby items will have shoppers clapping for both the variety of items and the price. You can be sure Tippy Toes’ wide selection of quality baby diapers, training pants, wipes, formula, food, toiletries and accessories will keep them coming back for generations.

Simply Done 
With Simply Done your shoppers will be ready for whatever life throws their way. From disinfecting wipes and coffee filters, to plastic bags, paper towels and beyond, Simply Done provides homecare solutions with the same quality as national brands, but priced less so they can quickly and confidently handle life’s everyday moments.


More than 1,500 items
More than 1,500 items