Buy a little or a lot… Bulk offers choice

Not so long ago, the bulk aisle conjured images of bins filled with oats, nuts and granola. Today, it’s a place to discover new foods and ingredients.

Today’s shoppers seek out bulk foods for a variety of reasons. There’s less packaging waste and shoppers can see the products they’re buying. Despite the name, bulk containers allow shoppers to buy a little, a lot or any amount in between — perfect for experimenting with new recipes. And it’s often a value over packaged options.

Market Centre offers a wide selection of bulk products, including baking additives and sweeteners, cereal, grains, rice, beans, herbs, spices and seasonings, trail mix and nuts, along with confectionary and other snacks. We also offer many organic options. Let our category expertise and experience drive success in your bulk aisle.

More than 700 items
More than 700 items