Refrigerated & Frozen
Convenient and good for you.

Market Centre offers an abundance of natural and organic refrigerated and frozen grocery items. 

Our refrigerated section carries organic milk, non-dairy milks and a variety of yogurts and kefirs, including dairy-free yogurts made from rice, soy, almond or coconut milk. We also have vegetarian meats, kombucha, and cold brew coffees.  Our frozen offering is equally extensive and includes a large selection of ice cream, frozen desserts, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen pizzas, ready-to-eat meals, veggie burgers and other vegetarian selections. You’ll also find a wide variety of breads and gluten-free items.  

Market Centre’s category experts regularly study the national and international markets, and attend industry conferences and seminars to stay on top of new item trends. They truly are experts because for them, it’s not a job — it’s a lifestyle.

You can trust the Market Centre team to supply well-known brands such as Amy’s, Alexia and Organic Valley as well as our own exclusive Natural Directions brand and products from emerging brands such as Daiya, Kite Hill and Halo Top.  And we don’t just supply the products.  Our team is here to help with insights, advice and expertise.

Isn’t that cool?

More than 2,000 items
More than 2,000 items